Absenteeism Management

Duration 1 Day

Programme Objective

This Absenteeism Management programme aims to help managers/ supervisors learn and practise the skills they need to get to the root cause of absenteeism and to help people to come to work at all times when they should and could. The activities in this one day programme will help managers/ supervisors to get to grips with this difficult subject, by giving them the confidence and skills they need.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this programme participants will;

  • Understand how to rate attendance in their own organisations and address poor attendance issues.
  • Develop the skills to ensure workplace commitment to controlling absence.
  • Develop the skills to learn how to write and deliver a brief that effectively motivates good attendance in a workplace team
  • Become familiar and gain confidence with their organisation’s attendance management procedure.
  • Become familiar with the legal position of absence management in the workplace
  • Understand best practice guidelines for typical situations that arise in the workplace.
  • Practice through role play, a disciplinary interview with an employee who is regularly away from the workplace.

Programme Outline

  • Controlling absence and identifying your goals
  • What effectively motivates good attendance
  • Rating attendance
  • Using workplace attendance records
  • The attendance management procedure
  • Identifying and overcoming the difficulties in managing absence at work.
  • Legal aspects questionnaire
  • dos and don’ts,
  • trues and falses of employee absence.
  • Reviewing and checking absence records
  • The counselling interview
  • recent and recurring absence
  • The return to work interview
  • recent and recurring absence
  • The disciplinary interview
  • regular absence
  • recurring absence
  • the uncooperative employee
  • frequent suspect absence
  • Long-term absence visit
  • Indefinite absence visit
  • Absence management role plays
  • Action Plans and Evaluation

Programme Methodology

Pre-work, Facilitator input, Group discussion, Group exercises, Case studies, Customised role-plays and scenarios, Questionnaires, Coaching and feedback – facilitator and peer.


Target Audience

Managers, supervisors, HR professionals, those who have responsibilities to managing absenteeism in the workplace.


1 Day

Number of Participants

Minimum 8 – maximum 12