Access 2010 – Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 2 days

Course Aims and Objectives:

This two-day intensive course is designed to give existing users an insight into some of the more advanced features in Access. This entirely ‘hands on’ course will give participants a further understanding of database design principles, advanced forms, reports and query design, including using calculations.

Who should attend:

Existing users of Microsoft Access who want to customise forms, queries and reports.

Assumed Knowledge
A good working knowledge of all of the topics covered on the Introduction to Access 2010 course.

Course Outline Summary

Lesson 1    Relational databases
Topic A      Database normalization
Topic B      Table relationships
Topic C      Referential integrity

Lesson 2     Related tables
Topic A       Creating lookup fields
Topic B       Modifying lookup fields
Topic C       Subdatasheets

Lesson 3     Complex queries
Topic A       Joining tables in queries
Topic B       Using calculated fields
Topic C       Summarizing and grouping values

Lesson 4     Advanced form design
Topic A       Adding unbound controls
Topic B       Adding graphics
Topic C       Adding calculated values
Topic D       Adding combo boxes
Topic E       Advanced form types

Lesson 5      Reports and printing
Topic A       Customized headers and footers
Topic B       Calculated values
Topic C       Printing
Topic D       Labels

Lesson 6     Charts
Topic A       Charts in forms
Topic B       Charts in reports

Lesson 7     PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A       PivotTables
Topic B       Modifying PivotTables
Topic C       PivotCharts
Topic D       PivotTable forms