Access 2010 – Introduction

Duration: 2 days

Course Aims and Objectives:

This course is aimed at new users of the MS Access database package who are interested in identifying its use and application.  Delegates are shown how to set up the database tables, how to build queries to select information based on criteria, how to create forms and use them to enter information into the database tables and reports to extract and display information from them.

Who should attend:

New users of Access who are unclear as to its purpose and use. Existing users who may have been self taught and feel that they may not be making best use of the product.

Assumed Knowledge
A working knowledge of PCs and a mouse is assumed.

Course Outline Summary

Lesson 1    Getting started
Topic A      Database concepts
Topic B      Exploring the Access environment
Topic C      Getting help

Lesson 2     Databases and tables
Topic A       Planning and designing databases
Topic B       Exploring tables
Topic C       Creating tables

Lesson 3     Fields and records
Topic A      Changing the design of a table
Topic B       Finding and editing records
Topic C       Organizing records

Lesson 4     Data entry rules
Topic A       Setting field properties
Topic B       Working with input masks
Topic C       Setting validation rules

Lesson 5      Basic queries
Topic A       Creating and using queries
Topic B       Modifying query results and queries
Topic C       Performing operations in queries

Lesson 6     Using forms
Topic A       Creating forms
Topic B       Using Design view
Topic C       Sorting and filtering records

Lesson 7     Working with reports
Topic A       Creating reports
Topic B       Modifying and printing reports