Advanced Presentation Skills & Personal Image Branding

1 Day Course

Course Overview

This highly interactive 1 day workshop will arm you with the skills and mindset required to take your effectiveness at presenting, (that is, presenting your company, your product/ services and yourself) to the next level.
The workshop is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the attendees. It is an interactive workshop peppered with exercises and frameworks that will allow participants to apply the information covered to their specific situation. In addition participants get the opportunity to put their new found skills into practice in a learning environment.

Course Outline

09.00 Introduction

Participants introduced and their objectives clarified.
Course objectives outlined. This course is about communicating clearly and understandably in a presentation situation. The aim of the course is to give each delegate the understanding of what makes a good presentation.

09.30 Recording of 10 x 5 minute presentations

Each participant will come with a pre-prepared 5 minute Presentation. These presentations will form the essential learning for the day.

10.15 Tea/Coffee

10.30 Playback and assessment of 5 presentations focusing on:

  • Establishing the basics of good communication
  • Audience preoccupation rather than personal survival
  • How to avoid content overloading
  • Importance of creating understanding rather than transmitting data
  • Role of illustration
  • How to plan and structure a Presentation

11.30 Continue Assessments

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Delivery Module focusing on; PowerPoint and Making an Impact
Peppered with information and practical exercises the group will discover how to use PowerPoint and themselves to enhance their presentation.

Areas covered will include;

  • The point of PowerPoint
  • How to avoid death by PowerPoint
  • How to create a slide that works
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of PowerPoint
  • Nerves
  • Eye Contact
  • Posture and Gestures
  • Looks/Appearance
  • Expression of emotion
  • Using your voice correctly

3.15 Tea/Coffee

3.30 Playback and Assessment of 5 Presentations:
Here the group will focus on recognising the key learning’s of the day in the playbacks. There is also more in depth inputs on:

  • Dealing with questions and groups
  • Use of notes

5.00 Action Plan and target setting for individual participants

5.15 Open forum

5.30 Course ends



1 day

Number of Participants