Advanced SQL Querying

A One Day Training Course
To develop the delegate’s use of SQL to and advanced level. this course introduces data manipulation language and database definition language.

Who Should Attend
You should attend this course if you wish to have a good understanding of all DML statements (SELECT, INSERT,
UPDATE, DELETE) and all of the DDL statements needed to build database objects (CREATE, DROP, ALTER). This course also covers the use of views, access control, transaction control, advanced select queries and using SQL scripts.

Delegates for this course should have a good basic understanding of SQL select statements. This course assumes knowledge of SQL to the level of our Introduction course.

Lesson 1: Querying with unions and advanced joins Querying multiple
tables with unions Advanced Joins Calculating with COMPUTE
Lesson 2: Querying with subqueries Subqueries
Lesson 3: Adding data Inserting data SELECT INTO
Lesson 4: Updating and removing data Updating records Deleting records Deleting the contents of tables
Lesson 5: Manipulating tables and views Creating tables Modifying tables Deleting tables Adding and removing views
Lesson 6: Manipulating indexes Adding and removing indexes
Lesson 7: Ensuring data integrity with transactions Transactions
Lesson 8: Creating databases Creating a database with SQL Deleting a database