Building Management Effectiveness

Duration 2 Days

Programme Objective

To develop the advanced communication skills that help managers build and maintain effective working relationships

Learning Outcomes

A thorough grounding in relevant communication and interpersonal skills, and will also act as a refresher and an opportunity for fine-tuning the skills of more experienced managers

Programme Outline

The manager as communicator

  • an overview of core skills for effective staff managers
  • how can we create a climate for strong communication and collaboration
  • practising the skills of listening, reflecting and checking
  • asking good questions and clarifying issues
  • confidence in summarising and agreeing outcomes

Facilitation skills for managers

  • what do we mean by facilitation? and as opposed to what?
  • the styles of facilitation and how they can enable staff development
  • practising the skills of developmental coaching
  • facilitating positive discussions with individuals and in groups
  • confident positive feedback skills
  • the art of constructive challenge
  • working creatively with tensions and difficulties

Managing effective relationships

  • positive mediation skills for conflict situations
  • resolving issues and establishing action plans
  • overcoming barriers to communication and change
  • developing an influential personal style

Programme Methodology

The style of the course is practical and participative, with brief presentations, discussions and problem-solving sessions, active exercises and skills practice. Some course documentation will be pre-prepared, and some will be developed in the group as we explore examples and generate our own ideas about best management practice.


Target Audience

Managers and supervisors with responsibility for staff


2 days, plus follow-up meeting to be arranged with group

Number of Participants