Certified Programme in Workplace Mediation

Duration – 60 Hours

Programme Objective

To give management, supervisors and trade union representatives the opportunity to develop key skills in implementing solutions for/with parties involved in workplace conflict with a focus on minimising the costs of unnecessary interpersonal and workplace conflict and to enhance the working environment.

On completion of the programme participants will be Certified Mediators and will qualify for membership of the Mediators Institute of Ireland and other professional mediator bodies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this programme participants will have:

  • developed a thorough understanding of the various aspects and dynamics of workplace dispute esolution,
  • an ability to facilitate the management of workplace conflict
  • a thorough understanding of dispute resolution methods including mediation.
  • Practised the skills necessary for workplace Mediation
  • The opportunity to gain internationally recognised certification in Mediation.

Programme Outline

  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to be an effective mediator
  • Understanding Conflict Resolution Theory
  • Negotiation Theory
  • Mediation Principles and Process
  • Communication & Mediation Skills
  • Personal Awareness
  • Employee Rights and Related Legal Implications
  • Developing appropriate ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) solutions for the workplace

Programme Methodology

The programme is delivered as follows:

  • Pre course work, self assessments and case study provided on CD with full learning resource pack
  • 40 hours tutor led experiential learning and supervised skill development by experienced ADR specialists and Mediators at advanced practitioner level
  • Assessment of skills
  • Written course work to be submitted within an agreed timeframe after the programme based on a suitable case study.


Target Audience

Especially for organisations who want to have Internal Mediators in place ; This programme is aimed at individuals, identified by the organisation who wish to take on a Mediators’ role (in addition to their own roles).


60 hours – including six days tutor led training

Number of Participants

Minimum 9, maximum 15