Change in Organisations


3 days

Programme Objective

To understand the processes of change, and develop the skills and abilities to lead and promote change, to support people through transitions, and to make an active contribution to change and development in our organisations and teams.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • approach change positively and with increased confidence
  • introduce change to others effectively, and support colleagues through the process
  • manage tension, stress and conflict arising from changes in themselves and others

Programme Outline

  • Understanding the ‘bigger picture’ and the climate of rapid and continuous change;
  • A systematic approach to planning change projects with people in mind;
  • Introducing and promoting change in teams and understanding group dynamics;
  • Working with reactions to change, including ‘resistance’, stress and conflict;
  • Encouraging, supporting, and motivating individuals and teams through change;
  • Understanding the culture of organisations and the factors affecting change projects;
  • Focussing on continuous development and becoming a ‘learning organisation’.

Programme Methodology

  • Brief presentations, group and paired activities, and an ‘action learning’ style approach to working with current work changes and challenges.
  • The aim is to develop a supportive learning community, with priority given to learning from, and applying ideas to, our real-life work situations


Target Audience

All supervisors/team leaders involved in change, and particularly those with responsibility for promoting change and supporting others through transitions.


3 days

Number of Participants

Minimum 6 maximum 16