Coaching Clinic Leadership Programme

A 2 Day Course

Programme Objective

The Coaching Clinic® Leadership Development Programme is for professionals who wish to have a fully developed coaching model and platform for skill development. The Coaching Clinic® generates rapid development of individuals and teams, and promotes successful leadership of self and others. It has been brought into organisations worldwide by Corporate Coach-U trained professionals and has earned the reputation as a comprehensive training for managers in core coaching skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Experience and practice “state of the art” coaching tools.
  • Learn the structure and process to integrate a “coach approach” to management.
  • Understand the personal shifts needed to adopt a coach approach as a manager-leader
  • Understand your own personal coaching style(s)
  • Create a personal action plan to adopt a coaching style of leadership
  • Describe your business imperative to using a coach approach

Programme Outline

The Coaching Clinic® is a two-day Leadership Development Programme where individuals learn crucial coaching skills and competencies. The programme was developed to provide leading-edge education in coaching and skills development in order to improve team effectiveness and company performance.

This workshop model has been corporate-tested and refined for over several years and incorporates the best concepts of coach training where individuals gain an in-depth understanding of the coaching process.

Programme Methodology

The Coaching Clinic® effectively trains individuals in the skills necessary for coaching staff within their organisation. It is a fully developed model – managers and leaders can implement their new skills immediately in their organisation to:

  • Promotes innovation and accelerates growth.
  • Improve organisational communication and team effectiveness.
  • Effectively develop and retain valuable organisational staff.
  • Deepen commitment to personal and company goals.


Target Audience

  • Executives.
  • Managers.
  • Supervisors / Supervisors.
  • Human Resource Professionals.
  • Quality Development Professionals.
  • Leaders at every level who want to learn advanced communication and leadership skills.


Number of Participants