Coaching & Feedback Skills Training


The programme would be completed within 4 months, from initial communication to participants to completion of evaluation.

Programme Objective

To ensure that managers and leaders perform at an optimum level within the organisation and that there focus and direction is in line with best practice.participants will obtain knowledge and competence, through coaching.

The organisation will achieve benefits through having real issues and problems addressed. Individual managers will receive support through group & individual sessions. Managers will also learn to identify when they and colleagues need coaching and identify resources within the organisation to address the needs.

Learning Outcomes

Managers and leaders will have the confidence and competence to ensure that their performance matches, or exceeds, the requirements of the organisation. They will have an understanding of the role, usage and practical application of coaching and the need for feedback provision.

Programme Outline

The Programme focuses on the individual’s role within the organisation; the purpose of their position and their key areas of responsibility. Through coaching, a developmental plan is agreed and feedback is delivered on the individual’s style and approach to leadership and general management.

Before the Programme, the individual is asked to prepare information on their role, their most significant achievements in their position and their key objectives in the short to medium term. (This is information that should be readily available to an individual performing a leadership role). In addition, participants are asked to identify any problematic area within their area of responsibility, that needs to be addressed.

The Programme will take place over 2 days, in workshop format, subject to a maximum of 12 people.

The programme includes:

  • Leadership & Relationships
  • Coaching – when it is necessary and not.
  • How do different coaches operate?
  • A Coaching Model
  • Communication – Respect – Trust
  • Feedback – why it is needed and how to give it.
  • Insight with impact
  • Giving feedback
  • Coaching teams/groups, versus coaching individuals

Evaluating the learning

The training will be evaluated by interviewing all participants on a follow-up basis, in person or be telephone (with documentary exchange). Individuals will be evaluated based on agreed workplans taken from the 2 Day workshop. A detailed recommendation will issue from the evaluation.

The individual has telephone based support between the Workshop and the Evaluation session.

Programme Methodology

Classroom based workshop training, which will include group & individual coaching, as well as the development of colleague coaching. Follow-up session will take place within the organisation, within 3 months.


Target Audience

Managers, Team Leaders and other individuals within organisations, whose performance can be improved through individual focused development.


The programme would be completed within 4 months, from initial communication to participants to completion of evaluation.

Number of Participants

Maximum number of participants is 12


€1,200 per training day (maximum cost – €3,600) , plus nominal travel expenses, if significant travel is involved.