Communication With The Media


Full day

Programme Objective

To help managers and senior executives understand the different types of media and to give them the skills to establish and maintain effective relationships with appropriate media for their organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain:

  • A knowledge of the different types of media
  • An understanding of the news requirements of different media
  • An awareness of the importance of good media relations
  • The skills to communicate effectivley with key media contacts

Programme Outline

Topics covered:

  • Part One:
    Types of Media: print, broadcast and online
    Why should you use the media?
    What do the media want from you?
  • Part Two:
    How to handle Reactive and Proactive News Scenarios
    How to communicate with different types of media
    The role of inhouse PR and external agencies
    Planning a successful Media Campaign

Programme Methodology

The programme will use presentations and case studies alongside a variety of team exercises including role play.


Target Audience

Managers and senior officials who may have to interact with the media as part of their job responsibilities.


Full day

Number of Participants