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All our open courses are offered to our members at approx. 1/3 of market rates and free to job seekers.

Duration 2 Days

Programme Objective

To develop the advanced communication skills that help managers build and maintain effective working relationships

Duration 1 Day

Programme Objective

This Absenteeism Management programme aims to help managers/ supervisors learn and practise the skills they need to get to the root cause of absenteeism and to help people to come to work at all times when they should and could. The activities in this one day programme will help managers/ supervisors to get to grips with this difficult subject, by giving them the confidence and skills they need.

Duration: 2 days

Course Aims and Objectives:

This two-day intensive course is designed to give existing users an insight into some of the more advanced features in Access. This entirely 'hands on' course will give participants a further understanding of database design principles, advanced forms, reports and query design, including using calculations.

Duration: 2 days

Course Aims and Objectives:

This course is aimed at new users of the MS Access database package who are interested in identifying its use and application.  Delegates are shown how to set up the database tables, how to build queries to select information based on criteria, how to create forms and use them to enter information into the database tables and reports to extract and display information from them.

Duration: 1 Day

Who should attend?
This course is designed for Microsoft Excel users who have a good knowledge and understanding of Excel but are not yet at expert level. It will suit users who wish to extend their knowledge and skills.

A One Day Training Course

Course Aims:

This course is aimed at people who use PowerPoint extensively in their day to day work and who wish to exploit all of its capabilities. The features introduced here take PowerPoint to a higher level enabling the user to create interactive presentations incorporating hyperlinking and branching. The user will also be able to create templates and manipulate graphics to an advanced level.

1 Day Course

Course Overview

This highly interactive 1 day workshop will arm you with the skills and mindset required to take your effectiveness at presenting, (that is, presenting your company, your product/ services and yourself) to the next level.
The workshop is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the attendees. It is an interactive workshop peppered with exercises and frameworks that will allow participants to apply the information covered to their specific situation. In addition participants get the opportunity to put their new found skills into practice in a learning environment.

1 Day Course

The aim of the course is to provide the delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and use assertiveness techniques to enhance their performance. It covers the understanding of the three most common behaviour types and allows the delegates to practice assertiveness techniques in a safe environment. Through the use of various questionnaires delegates will also gain a clearer understanding of their own development needs, in terms of changing certain behaviours.

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  • The one thing I've noticed about your courses is quality over quantity. You could pack a room and get as much in fees as possible if you liked.

    - Jennifer, Jobseeker
    Employment Law Course

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