Introduction Excel 2010

Duration: 1 Day

Who should attend?
This course is designed to introduce new and infrequent users of Microsoft Excel seeking proficiency in the use of Excel.

Course Aims and Content Overview:
Microsoft Excel is a useful tool for generating spreadsheets from a number of data sources. Using calculations and predefined formulas, users can easily manage any type of data including budgets, financial data, statistical data, reports, charts, graphs, and small lists. On the course you will be introduced to many of the topics required for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS).

Course Objectives
The Excel Introduction course covers a range of topics which will introduce you to Excel features and the steps required to use these features correctly. On completion of this course, all participants will be able to:


Course Outline Summary

Section 1: Getting Started

  • Starting Out
  • About Worksheets
  • Exploring your Workbook
  • Getting Help with Excel

Section 4: Editing your Workbook

  • Modifying Cells and Data
  • Cell Formatting
  • Enhancing a Worksheet’s Appearance
  • Working with Charts

Section 2: The Excel Interface

  • The Quick Access Toolbar and File Menu
  • The Home Tab
  • The Insert Tab
  • The Page Layout Tab
  • The Formulas Tab
  • The Data Tab
  • The Review Tab
Section 5: Printing and Viewing your Workbook

  • Using the View Tab
  • Managing a Single Window
  • Managing Multiple Windows
  • Printing your Workbook

Section 3: Excel Basics

  • Working with Excel
  • Basic Excel Features
  • Moving your Data
  • Custom Actions and Options Buttons
  • Editing Tools