Managing Conflict At Work – An Introduction

Duration 1 Day

Conflict Management Cluster

The primary goals of this conflict management training using mediation skills is:

  • To learn new ways of thinking about conflict
  • To think strategically about conflict rather than react blindly to it.
  • To learn when, how and when not to use self mediation or managerial mediation to resolve conflict

Managing workplace conflict, the self mediation approach

1 day programme

Necessary Knowledge (Module 1)


  • Pre event web based activity
  • Facitlitation and instruction (Highly interactive)
  • Video material
  • Case studies and role plays
  • The big picture
  • The three conflict management systems
  • The universal structure of conflict
  • Professional and self-help mediation
  • Beyond common sense: The nature of conflict
  • Discovering our Wrong Reflexes
  • The Retaliatory Cycle
  • Video: Seeing the cycle, defining conflict, recognizing its costs
  • Levels of conflict
  • Why mediation works: The magic within the method
  • The Conciliatory Cycle
  • The Conflict Mountain
  • The Forces toward Harmony
  • A Paradigm Shift
  • Preparing to take action
  • Successful Conflict Conversations (Module 2): Self Mediation
  • What, when, and why
  • What is Self Mediation
  • When to use Self Mediation
  • Video: The Clash (revisited)
  • Deciding to use Self Mediation
  • Preparing the issue statement
  • How to perform Self Mediation
  • Step 1: Find a time to talk
  • Video observation, skill practice
  • Step 2: Plan the context
  • Step 3: Talk it out
  • Video observation, skill practice
  • Step 4: Make a deal
  • Video observation, skill practice