Managing Stress At Work

A 1 Day Course

Programme Objective

This programme is designed to increase awareness of the effects of stress on work and personal life and to provide detailed information about how to prevent and deal with stress in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Stress
  • Eliminate or minimise stressors
  • Implement short and long term coping mechanisms
  • To implement 2 changes immediately to reduce personal and team stress

Programme Outline

  • Identify the symptoms of stress
  • Recognise the major stressors at work
  • Examine what causes these stressors
  • Reducing stress at work
  • Learn to cope with stress and working under pressure
  • Steps to ensure low stress levels
  • Managing time and stress
  • Motivation and praise
  • Communication/Personal Effectiveness
  • Dealing sensitively with people problems
  • Guidelines for pinpointing problems
  • Managing Employee Stress
  • Building a positive work climate

Programme Methodology

This course is highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to practise the skills taught and receive feedback. During the programme, ideas are introduced through discussions and mutual learning. Delegates then apply the concepts learned to their own situations.

Target Audience

Employee’s who find themselves under pressure and who want to mimimise the sources and effects of stress at work


1 Day

Number of Participants

Maximum 10