Managing The Pace

Course Duration 2 Days

Programme Objective

The objective of this program is to equip employees with the tools and techniques to enable them to proactively manage stress more effectively in both their work and personal lives.

Learning Outcomes

Participants leave this workshop with a knowledge of:

  • Potential stressors in life
  • How some personalities are more susceptible to stress than others
  • Symptoms of stress
  • Causes of stress from a physical, emotional and physiological perspective
  • Tools to combat stress both in the short and the long term
  • Personalised action plans

Programme Outline – “Staying The Pace”

AFRESH firmly believe that physical wellness impacts mental wellness and vice versa. This philosophy is evident in the unique integrated approach we apply to stress management. It involves participants examining all areas of their life from work environment to work practises, right through to exercise, diet, sleeping patterns and life values. The following provides a flavour of the course modules:

Winning In Life – Personal Development Using Coaching

The objectives of the module are to assist employees:

  • Identify Key Drivers in Life
  • Define Professional and Personal Goals
  • Provide Tools and Techniques for Achievement
  • When individuals have clarity of values and priorities, they can more effectively manage potential stressors.

Keeping The Head

The objectives of this module are to assist employees to:

  • Recognise the Symptoms Of Stress
  • Identify the Causes
  • Managing through Proactive Techniques

For companies who reserve the full course for their own employees, an interactive feedback facility, enables AFRESH provide human resources post the workshop, with information which assists them identify internal issues raised before they become problems.
Once employees are aware of the traditional stressors and typical tools to manage these, they can immediately take control of any current stress in their lives.

Beat The Energy Slump
Not only does diet affect productivity but it also affects a person’s energy, health, mood, relationships and ultimately stress levels.
The objectives of this module are to assist employees:

  • Eat for Energy
  • Manage Energy Levels Throughout The Day
  • Sustain Healthy Eating Habits

When an employee understands the impact of diet on mood and energy levels, they are better placed to know how what to eat and drink to manage their stress.

Shaping Up
Lack of exercise has a direct impact on our energy levels, mood and ability to cope with stress both professionally and personally.
The objectives of this workshop are to assist employees:

  • Exercise for the Right Reasons
  • Find What Suits
  • Start and Sustain

Once employees are taking regular exercise they have greater ability to cope with life’s demands.

The Sleep Factor
The objectives of this workshop are to assist employees:

  • Understand Impact Of Sleep on Work, Health and Life
  • Provide Sleep Solutions
  • Facilitate Good Sleeping Patterns

When employees complete this module, they will know how to establish good sleeping patterns to minimise negative and unproductive behaviour.

Focusing The Mind
The objectives of this workshop are to assist employees:

  • Achieve Balance And Clarity
  • Focus And Priortise
  • Learn The Benefits Of Taking Positive Time Out

After this module, employees will understand how to take time out to manage their stress levels.

The two day program culminates with goal setting and individual action plans.

Programme Methodology

  • Tutor led discussion
  • Interactive Forums
  • Self analysis
  • Practical Exercises and Action Plans
  • Lecturing and Coaching Delivery


Target Audience

Typical audiences who have enjoyed this program are staff, middle and senior management who wish to more effectively manage both their professional and personal lives.


2 days with option of one to one individual coaching follow up

Number of Participants

12- 15 per course