Managing Under Pressure

A 2 Day Course

Programme Objective

This programme is aimed increasing awareness of how to manage stress in self & others and to create a positive environment to work.

Learning Outcomes

This programme focuses on sound scientific principle of guided individual assessment involving each participant’s personal pressures/stress profile and the course concludes with a practical functional programme of care tailored for each Individual to manage Pressure / Stress.

Programme Outline

Day One :

  • Introduce the concepts of Pressure / Stress and coping with its effects- Stress Management Training
  • What is Pressure / What is Stress
  • The relationship between Pressure / Stress and Performance, Worklife and Living- Pressure leading to Personal Growth and how to achieve this.
  • Heighten awareness of the personal and organisational consequences of Pressure / Stress
  • Health issues as a consequence of Pressure / Stress
  • Stages of Burnout- psychopathology of Stress
  • Examine Pressure / Stress which is associated with conflict and each person’s way of dealing with this.
  • Provide techniques for coping with Pressure / Stress in the work and home environment- these skills are taught
  • Provide opportunity for guided self-assessment
  • Psychometric assessments delivered throughout the first day.
  • These are evaluated by specialist – an opportunity is provided to discuss these on an individual basis at the conclusion of the final day.
  • Personality Perception and Individual susceptibility to Pressure / Stress
  • WorkLife Balance

Day Two:

  • Deliver Personality, Perception and individual PMI Profile to Pressure / Stress.
  • Deliver understanding of Personality, Perception and individual susceptibleness to Pressure / Stress.
  • Sources of Pressure / Stress.
  • Stressors (Major types and Secondary stressors)
  • Coping Strategies
  • Conclusion.- Full Pressure/ Stress Management Manual Provided.

Programme Methodology

This programme is based on proven principles of effective practical Stress Management and includes The Components of Pressure/Stress, Psychopathology of Pressure & Stress and Pressure/Stress Inoculation.
Range of methodologies used include : Individual psychometric assessment ; Classroom based facilitation
Additional 30 minute 121 coaching session available for each participant at conclusion of Day 2.


Target Audience

Senior and Middle Managers who want to/need to create a positive2work environment


2 Days

Number of Participants

8 – 10