Personal Empowerment

1 Day Course

Programme Objective

To inspire participants to feel more self motivated, confident and better about themselves. This is done by giving them the opportunity to reflect on what is important to them. The workshop also enables participants to set goals and targets to ensure what is important to them gets priority in their lives.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:
  • Define success and to devise strategies for achieving success
  • Determine their values, interests and skills
  • Set powerful goals in all areas of their life to ensure a work/ life balance is achieved
  • Learn tools and techniques for coping with change and when the going gets tough

Programme Outline

  • Viewing life as an exciting adventure or a heroic journey
  • Circle of Life
  • Work/Life balance
  • The Review – Best Practice Guidelines
  • Iceberg Theory of Human Behaviour
  • The Inside Out Performance Loop
  • Empowering vs. Limiting Beliefs
  • The Right Attitude
  • Success vs. Failure Instinct
  • The Comfort Zone
  • Circle of Influence vs. Circle of Concern
  • Values
  • Success from a Personal and Career viewpoint
  • Goal Setting
  • Short, Medium and Long Term Goals
  • Prioritisation of Goals
  • Visualisation
  • Exercises to help maintain a Positive State

Programme Methodology

Experiential based workshops facilitated in a practical and supportive way. Use a combination of group discussion, group & individual exercises, questionnaires and reference to the latest research. Customised role plays and case studies are used where appropriate.


Target Audience

For everyone who is facing change and want to experience this change as an exciting adventure. For those who wish to review the direction in which their life is going or wish to take time out to review their career and personal life in order to achieve a work-life balance. For everyone who wants to feel self motivated and satisfied that they are achieving their full potential.


1 day

Number of Participants

The recommended number of participants is 9-12