Positive Thinking in Times of Change

1 Day Course

It’s fair to say that we have little difficulty embracing change and indeed thinking positively about change when it is invited or instigated by ourselves. However when it is uninvited or forced upon us, it is a different story.

Following this practical/interactive workshop, participants will have the knowledge, skills and techniques to:

Programme content


  • How the thinking mind impacts on personal motivation both inside and outside of the work environment,
  • How to find life balance between internal and external motivation factors,
  • How to become a solution focused, proactive and an “I can do” person,
  • How to re-frame the meaning you apply to issues and events and get your thoughts working for you!
  • How to overcome the challenge of moving outside the comfort zone for growth, excitement and fulfillment,
  • How to become more effective – the 12 steps.
  • How to recognise, cope and effectively manage personal reactions and emotions, such as anxiety and stress.
  • How to establish a positive work/life balance
  • How to set realistic personal and work related goals.

This (in-house) programme can be run as either a half day or full day workshop.


Our courses are built on the principle “To know and not to do, is not to know”. As a result this workshop will be practical, interactive, informative and fun. The equipment used is a flip chart and CD player.


Participants will be encouraged to become actively involved in the workshop through individual and group participation. They will work both individually and in small groups to debate the issues presented and to develop strategies to deal with the key issues. We use exercises, models, personal presentations, games and work related examples to highlight key points.


The presenter will develop the workshop through the core modules and will use practical and topical examples to demonstrate each module. Each participant will be given training notes which will include details of the session and work charts.

  • Manage and reframe the key driver of anxiety – unhelpful thoughts,
  • Deal effectively with times of uncertainty, rumour and speculation,
  • Become more confident, positive and solution focused,
  • Move outside of their comfort zone and restore a sense of balance and perspective,
  • Set goals and targets to chart a way forward.