Professional Certificate in Facilitation Skills


3 days

Programme Objective

Facilitate Change, Build Vision, Apply Coaching & NLP Techniques, Build Trust, Develop Questioning Techniques and Team Building

Learning Outcomes

Maximising Participation in Groups, Listening Techniques, Effective Leadership in groups

Programme Outline Programme Methodology

This programme is delivered by having fun and learning the skills of effective Facilitation, simulated group facilitation techniques, creating an atmosphere of active participation by all.

Content delivered over 3 days

Building Trust (Icebreakers, Dreams & Nightmares etc)

Participation (Understanding signs i.e. body language, Blocks and Enablers, Leadership, Group Visualisation)

Group Dynamics (Group Excercises, identifying your role in a group etc)

Reviewing & Evaluating (Giving feedback, consulation, before sessions, timing etc)

Faciliating Change and Facilitation Tools (Dynamics of change, techniques for dealing with direct verbal attack) (Powerful Questioning Tecniques, Visualisation and Meditation and Choosing Materials)


Target Audience

Facilitators who have some experience but who have little or no training in the skills of facilitation, Professional Managers and Team Leaders, Counsellors and Therapists. Facilitators who wish to refresh, refocus or complement their existing skills.


3 days

Number of Participants

15 approx