Recognition of Prior Learning RPL Mentor & Assessor


4 days

Recognition of Prior Learning is the collective term given to any activity that attempts to recognize or accredit learning experiences. A unique development tool to help society and Industry create a Life Long Learning Culture

Programme Objective

Challenging and Stimulating Learning for Education and Training, Delivered Experientially.

Learning Outcomes

Maximise Work Place Learning, Offer an RPL Service, Help you assess experiential learning, Challenge Convential Views of Education

Programme Outline

Content delivered over 4 days
Day 1: Workplace Mentoring Skills (Icebreaker, Groundrules, Techniques for Mentors
Day 2: Understanding People as Learners ( Learning Styles, Mutiple Intelligence, Maximising a persons value)
Day 3: RPL/Flexible Learning, The RPL Process, Assessor Role, Facilitating Learning Outcomes and Learning Credits, skills involved in organising a Portfolio or CV.
Day 4: Accrediting Workplace Learning and Developing Systems, Stratagies for the organisation ( Organising information and forms of evidence of learning) (Implementing, planning, assessing and mentoring)

Programme Methodology

Delivered experientially, Compreshensive Resource Pack, Guaranteed expertise, Sharing amongst peers involved in Education and Training.


Target Audience

HR and Training Managers, Training Personnel, Education Professionals, Change Managers, Career Consultants


4 days

Number of Participants

15 approx