SQL Fundamentals of Querying

A One Day Training Course
Students will learn what SQL is and how they can query a database to answer business questions.

Who Should Attend
Students enrolling in this course should understand the basic concepts involved in working with a personal computer (PC). For example, students should be familiar with such terms as computer memory, data files, and program files. Students should also be familiar with the components that make up a personal computer, including input, output and storage devices.

A basic knowledge of concepts related to database structure and terminology, such as fields (or columns) and records (or rows) is helpful.

Lesson 1: Introduction to databases and SQL
Lesson 2: Introduction to the SELECT statement
Lesson 3: Calculating data
Lesson 4: Selecting specific rows
Lesson 5: Working with other operators
Lesson 6: Grouping data
Lesson 7: Multi-table queries
Lesson 8: Other SQL front-end applications
The sample database