Strategic Negotiation Skills

1 Day Course

Programme Objective

This programme recognises that everyone negotiates everyday and gives participants an introduction to the art of thinking about conducting negotiations strategically – where continuing good working relations with suppliers, colleagues and others remains key.

Learning Outcomes

  • The Key Principles underlying all Successful Negotiations
  • The Key Steps to Successful Negotiations
  • Individual Negotiation Styles
  • Essential Communication Skills for Effective Negotiations

Participants will learn:

Programme Outline

  • Negotiations – an everyday occurrence
  • Negotiations vs. Ultimatums
  • Traits of Successful Negotiators
  • The Negotiation Strategy – Compromise and Bargaining
  • Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness, Control & Empathy
  • Listening, Questioning and Talking your way to agreement

Issues addressed include:

Programme Methodology

The programme uses action case studies, team exercises and tutor facilitated discussion on best practice.


Target Audience

Anyone who has to negotiate (within or without the workplace) with others on a continuing basis



Number of Participants