Stress Management/Resilience Training

1 Day Course

Programme Objective

The objective of the programme is to provide participants with an understanding of the true causes of stress and to equip them with practical directions and techniques to eliminate stress from all aspects of their daily life.

Learning Outcomes

Having completed this programme, participants will have:

  • an increased awareness and understanding of stress and its cause,
  • practical tools for eliminating stress from their business and personal lives, and
  • improved self-confidence in meeting challenging situations and events.

Programme Outline

  • What is stress?
  • How stress is created in the mind and what keeps it there.
  • Awareness and developing presence.
  • The ‘angle of misery’ – how to close and enjoy the freedom.
  • The destructive power of negative feelings and how to overcome them.
  • Increasing energy levels during the day.
  • Stress-free communication – How?
  • Concentration – its effect on creativity and productivity.
  • How to be calm, confident and free from stress while fully engaged in activity.
  • Practical directions and exercises.

Programme Methodology

The training method is ‘Socratic’ in that it uses questions to challenge participants’ thinking and leads them to discover answers for themselves. This proves to be a lively and motivational way of examining the subject and more importantly, can result in a lasting change in behaviour. Practical directions and techniques, which are natural, simple and easily applied to help participants to eliminate stress from all aspects of their lives.
Practices and directions are given in each training session and participants are encouraged to test and verify these in the workplace in the light of their experience. Group discussions, workshops and role-play are also used as part of the training.


Target Audience

This course is suitable for all levels of management and employees who want to manage stress more effectively in the workplace.


Two days (non consecutive)

Number of Participants

The recommended number of participants is 9-12