Successful Performance Management: The Route to Success



Programme Objective

The key objectives of this programme are to inform managemers and employees of the potential benefits of a good Performance Management system and : to alert them to the key skills and behaviours associated with the delivery of their own responsibilities, to ensure that this potential can be realised.

Learning Outcomes

The key outcomes of this programme are :
to provide participants with the necessary confidence and knowledge and to develop the relevant skills and behaviours, which are essential to the effective execution of their (interviewing and\or interviewee and related) responsibilities under their organisation’s Performance Management system.

Programme Outline

A broad range of issues are covered including :

  • The Objectives And benefits of a Performance Management System
  • The Mechanics of Performance Management systems
  • The Performance Management System Interview:
  • Customised Performance Management System Interview Case Study Role
  • Plays (Including Evaluation and Feedback)
  • Principles And Practices For The Effective Provision Of Feedback
  • Principles And Practices For The Effective Receipt Of Feedback
  • How To Identify, Set and Measure Work Objectives and Performance Standards
  • Video Presentations For Effective ‘Appraisal’, Performance Management or Employeef Training & Development Review System Interviewing.
  • Understanding Aggressive, Assertive and Passive Performance Management Interactions

Programme Methodology

The methodology associated with the programme may be described as the delivery of Performance Management ‘best practices’ in an interactive manner, with an emphasis on participant ‘dry-runs’ in work group and role play exercises.


Target Audience

Organisations with – or considering the introduction of – a Performance Management\Performance Appraisal system. Whilst the programme focuses on the roles and responsibilities of interviewers \managers \reviewers, in the context of ‘partnership’ it is also of benefit to reviewees, enabling them to see ‘the other side of the coin’. Customised programmes for interviewees\employees\reviewees are also available on request.



Number of Participants

To facilitate the provision of detailed feedback – and where appropriate, constructive criticism – to participants on their role play/interview performance, it is advisable to restrict the number of participants to 8. Accordingly with a second trainer\observer retained for the afternoon session, all participants may avail of one mock interview scenario in the capacity of reviewer and\or reviewee.